Why work with Parash Awale?

I help businesses generate more traffic that will convert into customers. Diving deep into more than 4 years of experience in SEO, I devise SEO plans that work.

My Professional Journey till now

This is my journey to becoming an SEO Expert in Nepal.

I started off as an SEO intern from December of 2017 at Yala Tech Hub Pvt. Ltd. where I developed a good base to start from. A short experience as Junior SEO at Splendour Group Pvt. Ltd. helped me comprehend what a working environment feels like before taking a break due to personal issues. It was truly a great experience working with Mr. Rambabu Thapa who guided me a lot in a short space of time. He is a proper example for SEO Expert in Nepal.

Resuming my professional career at Prabhavana Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. increased my niche of interest as I worked on various Travel Agency websites extracting my hidden interest in Hiking and Trekking as one of my hobbies. Moving on to SoftNEP Pvt. Ltd., after another short stint, elevated my professionalism, however shifting my focus towards Social Media Marketing and Business Development. About a two year stay at SoftNEP, obstructed by Covid lockdown, helped me grow my personality and communication skills. Currently, I am working at RankMeTop Pvt. Ltd. where I am continuously honing my SEO skills and giving great results to the clients.

Want to know more about me?

Image of Parash Awale - SEO Expert in Nepal